Master’s thesis and other programme outcomes

Master’s thesis

The final semester of the SECCLO programme is dedicated to the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS), jointly supervised by professors from both universities the student has studied in. The thesis is usually written in a research and development project either in industry or in academia.

SECCLO Master’s thesis topics 2020 (intake 2018)

  • A design and simulation tool for strand displacement systems
  • A soluation for hard Kubernetes multi-tenancy
  • Anomaly threat detection in advanced networks
  • Assessment of privacy-preserving computation techniquese for marketing
  • Automated security analysis in SCADA system
  • Certificate-based provisioning in Bluetooh Mesh networks
  • Cloud-native interactive labs
  • Cryptographic analysis of Message Layer Security protocol in the static corruption model
  • Device pairing through multi-modal gestures
  • Differential Fuzzing of WebAssembly implementations
  • Distributed deep learning inference in fog networks
  • Enhancing the Privacy of Decentralized Identifiers with Ring Signatures
  • Evaluation of Emerging Serverless Platforms
  • Evaluation of Network-Layer Security Technologies for Cloud Platforms
  • Machine Learning for IDS alert classification
  • Privileged Access Management for System to System communications
  • Secure lifecycle management of IoT devices
  • Secure Service Discovery for Edge Computing
  • Security Properties of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3
  • Shoulder-Surfing Protection based on Hybrid Images
  • Trust Management in Service Mesh Federation
  • Volumetric data streaming from smartphones

For examples of thesis topics completed by NordSecMob students, see here.

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