Between the first and second academic year, students will complete an internship in an European industry or research institution.

Summer internship (2-5 ECTS)

During the summer internship, SECCLO students will work in a real R&D environment or expert organization as members of a project team. The duration of the internship is at least one month and the maximum of three months. A 10-week internship that meets the programme requirements result in 5 ECTS credits, which are included into the Aalto first-year curriculum.

The summer internship placements in summer 2019 included Basware, CALLSTATS I/O, Ericsson, F-Secure, Huawei, KONE, Nixu, Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Silicon Labs, Aalto University Department of Computer Science, Daimler AG (Germany), ThyssenKrupp (Germany), Mezu (Portugal), and Blackrock (UK).

Jointly with the other SECCLO consortium universities, Aalto will supervise the process of ensuring that all students find a placement for the internship and that the internship projects and work contracts are aligned with the programme goals and schedule. The organization providing the internship placement will assign a local supervisor, who will act as the student’s mentor on developing technical and career skills.

During the internship, each student will also have a named contact person from the programme’s academic staff. The students will keep an online learning diary of their internship and write a reflective report. Students whose internship is shorter than 10 weeks and who still need credits for the first year will be given a special assignment, i.e. an individual research or software engineering project, to completed.

“The most important thing about the internship was correlating all the academic knowledge in real world applications and tackling challenges associated with software development, testing and security. It complements academic knowledge with professional experience and teaches you a lot about the work culture in the country.”

“At F-Secure, I learned what it’s like to work as part of a very high-skilled team. I saw how potential threats turn into ideas for security features, how those ideas turn into prototypes, and finally into production security software.”

“The internship helped me gain a better understanding of the field while putting into action the skills obtained during the studies. It was an opportunity to work on an innovative product at a company that has a history of leading transformation in technology, while being part of a large, multicultural and diverse community.”

The learning goals of the internship are the following:

  • Students will gain experience of working in an R&D environment or expert organization in Europe
  • Students will develop personal contacts in European industry and research institutions
  • Students will become familiar with several career paths options available to them
  • Students will learn how to apply for a job in industry, including preparing an application letter and professional CV, and taking part in an internship interview

SECCLO associate members, companies and research organizations are invited to offer internship positions for the students. Information on possible internship positions can be sent to