First-year curriculum

The first year of the SECCLO programme (60 ECTS) consists of common studies (50-53 ECTS), summer school (5 ECTS) and internship (2-5 ECTS).


The first year of the programme (60 ECTS) at Aalto University covers the fundamental concepts, methods and latest technologies on

  • secure systems engineering
  • distributed application development
  • network and service architectures
  • ubiquitous computing
  • cloud and mobile computing platforms

Students are also able to choose specialized courses on topics such as network and mobile platform security, computer networking, verification, and data mining.

The teaching methods combine theory with hands-on exercises and software development on cloud platforms and mobile devices. Students practice writing and presentation skills and learn to follow the latest research.

The joint first year of the SECCLO studies at Aalto University conclude with a summer school and summer internship.

First-year mandatory courses:

Code Name Credits   Semester Period
CS-C3130 Information Security 5 ECTS Autumn I
CS-E4100 Mobile Cloud Computing 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-E4640 Big Data Platforms 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-E4320 Cryptography and Data Security 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-C3170 Web Software Development 5 ECTS Autumn-spring II-III
CS-E4000 Seminar in Computer Science 5 ECTS Spring III-V
LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students 3 ECTS Spring III-IV
                  Total mandatory courses 33 ECTS
 CS-EV Summer school 5 ECTS Spring V
 SCI.itra Internship 2-5 ECTS Late spring, summer


First-year elective courses:

Code Name Credits   Semester Period
CS-E4600 Algorithmic Methods of Data Mining 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-E4140 Applications and Services in Internet 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-E3210 Machine Learning: Basic Principles 5 ECTS Autumn I-II
CS-E4300 Network Security 5 ECTS Autumn II
MS-E1687 Advanced Topics in Cryptography 5 ECTS Spring III-IV
ELEC-E7320 Internet Protocols 5 ECTS Spring III-IV
CS-E4160 Laboratory Works in Networking and Security 5 ECTS Spring III-IV
CS-E4310 Mobile Systems Security 5 ECTS Spring III-IV
CS-E4580 Programming Parallel Computers 5 ECTS Spring V
CS-E4003 Special Assignment in Computer Science 1-10 ECTS agreed
with teacher
CS-E4330 Special Course in Information Security 5 ECTS varies
  Total number of credits
(mandatory and elective courses, internship and summer school)

The academic year at Aalto University is divided into five periods: I and II (autumn) and III, IV and V (spring). Please see the full academic calendar here.