For selected students

Congratulations on being selected to the SECCLO programme! On this website, you will find more information on what to do next.

Checklist: what to do after being selected to SECCLO programme

  1. Accept your study place by 31 May 2019 (3:00 pm, GMT +3) at portal and return the required documents by set deadline. Instructions are sent to you by email. Please note that students may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland during one academic term.
  2. Self-funded students: We will send you the invoice for the first academic year after you have confirmed your participation. Send a receipt of the paid participation cost as a scanned copy by 31st May to
  3. If you have been conditionally accepted with an incomplete degree, submit attested copies of your degree certificate to SECCLO Admission Office by 7 August 2019 (3:00 pm, GMT +3).
  4. Apply for 2-year residence permit* (non EU/EEA citizens) or book an appointment in order to register your residence at the Finnish Immigration Service (EU/EEA citizens). When you apply for the residence permit or register your residence, please ask to be registered to the Finnish population system at the same time so that you can receive a Finnish personal identity code (required e.g. for opening a bank account in Finland). Please note that all enrolled SECCLO students are covered by an insurance scheme by Erasmus Mundus Student Protection (EMSP). This insurance meets the minimum health and accident coverage requested by the Finnish Immigration Service. You can apply for the residence permit once you have received your personal insurance card by email.
    >>Finnish Immigration Service’s instructions for degree students 2019 (pdf)
    >> More information about residence permit (non EU/EEA citizens) and registering residence (EU/EEA citizens)
  5. Apply for accommodation
    >> More information about housing
  6. Organize your travel to Finland. New students are expected to arrive to Aalto University Otaniemi campus on 2nd September, 2019.
  7. Pay AYY student union membership fee and enroll as attending student at the University (in this order). This can be done also upon your arrival to Aalto University Otaniemi Campus. Please note that students lose their study right if they have not enrolled by the end of the official enrollment period, 6 September 2019.
      1. Method 1: If you have Finnish online banking ID, you can enroll online at as of 2 May 2019. Log in to The Student Union membership fee is paid when enrolling as attending. Enrolling online is possible only until 30 July 2019.
      2. Method 2: If you are unable to enroll online, you need to pay the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) membership fee (Tertiary enrollment method, payment using a general bank reference number) and submit a receipt of the paid membership fee to . The receipt of the paid fee has to include your name as the payer or in the information field and the filing code of the payment. Receipts without the student’s name or filing code are not accepted. If you pay the fee from abroad, you need to take into account the international bank transfer costs of both the sending and the receiving banks to make sure that you pay the exactly right sum to AYY.
      3. Method 3: If you are unable to pay AYY membership fee by bank transfer (for example due to high international bank transfer costs), you can pay the AYY membership fee upon your arrival in AYY service point at Otaniemi Campus (payment with cash or credit at AYY’s service point). You can enroll as attending by visiting Aalto University School of Science Student Services and showing your 1) ID and 2) receipt of the paid AYY membership fee.
  8. Activate your Aalto IT credentials (username and email account). An email with personal activation link will be sent to you in early August. Please follow the instructions on the email. If you do not receive an email, please contact study coordinator Laura Mursu at . Alternatively, you can also get your Aalto IT username and email from Aalto IT Service Desk upon arrival to Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.
  9. Please follow your email for more information about orientation, the start of studies and other practical issues. Please remember to notify us if you change your email address.

1. What is a learner number, what is my learner number, etc.
A: Your student number (=learner number) will be generated 1st August and not earlier – please leave this blank

2. For which duration should I apply the residence permit?
A: Please apply for 2 year residence permit (from August/September 2019 to August/September 2021) if possible, but if not, please apply for the 1 year residence permit.

3. What should I answer to “Have you registered yourself as attending at the educational institution”?
A: Please answer “I will register when I arrive to Finland”. Administrative-wise, there are two things to do before starting studies: 1) confirm study place (should be done before 31st May) and 2) enroll as attending (=register), which can be done as described above in number 7.

4. How much the insurance covers?
A: Please answer real costs/unlimited.

For more detailed instructions, you can also see checklist on “After Admission to Master’s studies” at Aalto University website. Please note that this list is for regular degree students, and therefore not completely accurate for SECCLO double degree students.

SECCLO students during May Day 2019, Aalto University Otaniemi Campus

Checklist: what to do upon arrival to Aalto University, Finland

  1. Arrive to Finland before or on the first day of orientation week for new students (2nd September, 2019). Fore more information, please see Academic calendar.
  2. Get your keys and move in. Please see Shops and shopping for more information on how to purchase affordable furniture and houseware.
  3. Pay AYY student union membership fee by bank tranfer or by with cash or credit at  AYY service desk, if you have not done it already.
    >>More information about paying AYY membership fee
  4. After paying AYY membership fee, enroll as attending student at the University by visiting Aalto University School of Science Student Services in case you have not enrolled yet. When enrolling, please show your  1) ID and 2) receipt of the paid AYY membership fee.
  5. Attend the orientation week programme. Programme is sent to all selected students and is updated at Starting your studies.
  6. Submit your personal study plan (HOPS), plan you study schedule. For more information, please see Planning your studies.
  7. Register to courses that start in period I. Academic year at Aalto University is divided into five periods. Fore more information, please see Academic calendar.
  8. EU/EEA citizens: register your residence at the Finnish Immigration Service (you can get Finnish personal identity code at the same time)
  9. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code: apply for the code from Finnish Immigration Service (EU/EEA-citizens) or Local register office (non -EU-citizens)
  10. Scholarship recipient: open a bank account if you do not have a European bank account. For more information on opening a bank account in Finland, please see Financial matters.
  11. Other practicalities after paying AYY membership fee and enrolling as attending:

Contact information for Aalto University School of Science Student Services

Office B157, Computer Science -building, Otaniemi Campus, Espoo
Street address: Konemiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Postal address: SECCLO, PL 15400, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
We are in building number 30 in Aalto University campus map

Please see the SECCLO handbook for students 2018-2020 for more information on practical matters and study affairs at SECCLO consortium universities.