About us

2 years, 2 universities, 2 degrees

SECCLO is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) programme in information security and cloud computing offered by a consortium of six highly ranked technical universities in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and France. During the two-year MSc studies, students will study at two of the consortium universities and graduate from both. Our industry partners promote the future employability of SECCLO students by offering internship and thesis positions, company visits and contributions to the course contents.

SECCLO is one of the European top-quality Masters Courses selected by the European Commission Erasmus+ Programme (Erasmus Mundus).


  • Industry demand: There is a wordwide shortage of professionals who are able to develop products and services for the modern cloud and mobile computing platforms and to do this in a secure way.
  • Innovation and R&D focus: SECCLO differs from most information security programmes in that it links security studies with product and service development skills. The ability to innovate and develop new products and services is what has the most potential for creating new business growth.
  • International experience: The programme provides you with the profound experience of working and studying in multiple countries in an international environment. Two Master of Science degrees from two European universities mean wider opportunities for employment.
  • Industry contacts already during studies: Mandatory summer internship between first- and second-year studies, industry involvement in courses, and industry thesis projects are some of the examples of how you will be able to gain industry contacts during full-time studies.
  • Competitive Erasmus Mundus scholarships: The generous Erasmus Mundus scholarships offered for the best students allow you to concentrate on studies without financial worries.
  • Proven success of our predecessor, NordSecMob: Out of over 200 NordSecMob alumni, 95% had landed a job within 6 months after graduation. They work in all the biggest ICT companies, including Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Facebook, Skype, IBM, …

What the first SECCLO students say?

From the SECCLO Semester Feedback 2019:

  • 92% considered the overall academic level of courses to be high or very high
  • 96% were satisfied or very satisfied with the courses offered during the first year of SECCLO
  • 100% considered the level of study guidance to be high or very high
  • 100% had high or very high overall satisfaction with the SECCLO programme after the first year of studies

“Aalto curriculum was a right mix of practical and theoretical studies. I learned to get work done in smart ways, novel ways for finding solutions, the interactions with other international students broadened the horizons of learning and knowledge sharing.”

“I was a bit surprised about the quality of the SECCLO programme. From the admission web page and support to teaching and study aids, the quality is extremely high. It’s clear that the academic and support staff are putting a huge amount of work into everything to enable students to have a great and successful study career.”

“I really felt welcomed in every possible way, and Finland opened the arms as if it were a long-standing friend. I take definitely a memorable experience with profound roots to build upon the future.”

“The staff is supportive, with everything you need help with, the student culture is outstanding. I am so glad that I made the decision to be part of this programme.”

“Never had such perfect study guidance before. The study guidance is outstanding.”

“I enjoyed my year a lot here at Aalto University. Every day was full of events at the campus, and I was able to find anything I wanted. English books, gym, language clubs – I had everything for my hobbies. I met so many people with impressive backgrounds and interests during this academic year, so that I can definitely say that I learned a lot from them.”

“This is one of the best opportunities I’ve got in my life. It proved that I could do what I didn’t think I could. New experience, new environment, and good friends were the rewards.”

“Good education system, good professors and staff, good friends, good place, fun summer school. Seriously, I couldn’t ask more.”